Local and On-line Suppliers

Local Equipment Suppliers
Please remember to tell the local retail stores that you’re from Matsu-Kai Kendo and Iaido Dojo!

#28-8980 Fraserwood Court,
Burnaby, British Columbia V5J 5H7
Web: http://www.budo-aoi.com
Tel: 604-437-6750
— please ring buzzer for entry.

10531 Odlin Rd, Richmond, BC V6X 1E3
Web: http://www.bogushop.com
Tel: (604) 303-0033
— store visits by appointment only. Please call ahead.

On-line and Mail Order

e-bogu USA
Web: http://www.e-bogu.com/
Tel: 1-866-DO-KENDO (1-866-365-3636)

Swordstore (Iaido supplies)
Web: http://www.swordstore.com/
Tel: 1-410-544-3611